As I’m sure most of you have heard, Ryan’s closed their doors on Thursday of this week. Thanks to several Kiwanians we were able to get our Kiwanis stuff out of Ryan’s before they locked the doors.

The Kiwanis Board met today and has decided to have our next 4-6 membership meetings at Larry’s Pizza, located in downtown Conway. Please let others know if you are aware they are not on the email list (such as DJ). Larry’s Pizza has a meeting room, a salad buffet, a pizza buffet, and a dessert buffet and has agreed to keep the cost around $7 to the Club. This is huge as the Club will not have to see an increase in its dues at this point.

Other locations considered were China Town, Conway Country Club, CVCC, UCA, Hendrix,CBC, area churches and many others.

Please come to this weeks meeting and give the board your input. Survey forms will be available to show you the options we have and to get your input.

Special thanks to the House Committee for hitting the ground running yesterday when we received the news. They have done a great job!

Hope to see you there.


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